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Who Are Agents For Change and What is the Mission?

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Elevate your leadership with Agents For Change International,

spearheaded by the visionary Trista Sue Kragh.

Since the inception of AFC in 2009, Trista has been at the forefront of transforming culture through intentional leadership training all around the world. Trista Sue Kragh offers a range of impactful training initiatives designed to propel individuals and organizations towards sustained success. Her signature programs are tailored to instill leadership qualities for maximum success in ones personal and professional growth. Whether it’s a workshop, keynote address, or participation in your retreats and conferences, Trista is known for creating a bespoke experience that will surely provoke your thinking! Her workshops are not just sessions; they are catalysts for lasting positive change.

Agents For Change International is your strategic partner in leadership development, ensuring that you and your teams are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace landscape. Take the next step towards transformative leadership—let’s connect!

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