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Trista Sue Kragh


Trista Sue Kragh, a powerhouse in thought leadership, is on a mission to transform culture through intentional leadership training in the marketplace. 

Her passion is helping people discover their personal leadership so they become agents of change in their communities.

On her global platform Trista Sue has reached and served thousands of people worldwide and she has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Trista Sue Kragh an author, leadership trainer, mentor and business leader.

President and Founder of Agents For Change International & author of her book “Figure It Out” Trista shares her story of growing up in the trailer park and the principles that fashioned her life to becoming a woman of global influence. Trista’s experience stems from receiving her degree from Oral Roberts University and 25 years as a Hotelier as Director of Operations for Bayfront Inn 5th Avenue, a waterfront hotel in Naples, Florida.

In addition to her experience as a hotelier and leadership trainer, she was also a personal mentee of the late Dr. Myles Munroe for seven years while having served as a trustee of his organization, ITWLA (International Third World Leaders Association) Dr. Munroe imparted a great deal of knowledge and wisdom unto Trista Sue through his mentorship program.

Together they traveled around the world where he spoke at conferences and they met with government officials to transform nations.

After the passing of Dr. Munroe and the closure of his mentorship program, Trista launched her virtual mentorship program to fulfill a great demand for mentorship. Trista has been discipling leaders since 2008 and currently mentors individuals in business, music, government and education, along with raising two children in the next generation, Maverick and Shiloh.

As a leadership trainer Trista Sue Kragh has also created numerous e-learning programs. like, ‘The School of Influence’, a virtual leadership program that focuses on helping people discover their purpose, potential and documenting their life vision. She also created a marketplace training curriculum called “Authentic Leadership, a New Breed of Leaders:” which instills leadership principles to increase personal and professional growth and is widely used in the marketplace. Trista teaches principles of personal and business success drawing from her 25 years as a hotelier, wife of an award-winning architect and daughter of a water well driller. Trista Sue also has a podcast and a youtube channel where she discusses critical topics such as vision casting, authentic leadership and time-tested principles.

Together with her husband Matthew Kragh of MHK Architecture, they have built a business that has grown into a successful company with 10 regional offices and over 125+ employees utilizing the principles she teaches. Trista Sue is a role model for women everywhere and a force to be reckoned with. Her training is guaranteed to give you a renewed perspective and the tools to unlock success!

Trista Sue along with members of the AFC team are available for in-person and virtual training keynotes, focus retreats, webinars and conferences.

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