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The School of Influence is a one of a kind self discovery program that was designed to help you discover your true identity, pinpoint your purpose and potential and document your life vision through three strategic elements in the self discovery process.

Success – Significance – Legacy

SOI Virtual Leadership Program

Join the AFC Alumni & global community

Mentored by certified life coaches and trainers
Bi-Monthly virtual classroom
Preplanned curriculum schedule
Learn with other students

The School of Influence Virtual Leadership program is

Self Paced Discovery

Learn at your own pace
Purchase courses and books as you go
Gain clarity of your reason for existence
Become an influential agent of change
Prepare to be a leader in your community

A wise person once said “Success is what you take from life, Significance is what you give back, and Legacy is how you will be remembered.” These days many people are so lost in an inauthentic version of themselves that they have become blind to their authentic real self. They pursue jobs that pay the bills but don’t provide fulfillment, so even though they can get their bills paid they are left each month feeling exhausted. By doing this, they are not fulfilling their purpose, they don’t have a clear vision for their life and they aren’t doing what makes them feel like a ‘fish in water’.

Perhaps you have already discovered your purpose but you’re unsure how to execute it. Maybe you’re still in school and have changed your major three times. Maybe you are working at a dead end job and you think to yourself “There’s got to be more to life than this!” Well, I’ve got news for you… there is!

Trista Sue believes that everyone was born with a business gift, it’s merely a matter of whether one discovers it or not. Get ready to be introduced to your real self! As you go through the process of discovering your true identity, pinpointing your purpose and documenting your life vision you will find yourself tapping into dreams that may have been pushed aside for many years. We encourage you to pursue those deep desires and even help you design a plan of execution. The level of your initiative to apply what you learn in this course will be key. For true leadership is not in a position that one holds but a reflection of the life that one leads. The School of Influence will help you answer the 5 most important questions that every human asks themselves…

Who Am I? – this deals with Identity

Where Am I from? – this deals with heritage

Why Am I here? – This deals with purpose
What can I do? – This deals with potential
Where Am I going? – This deals with vision

These five questions are life’s most common questions every person asks themselves and with this program you will be guided to answer them. The School of Influence is not for everyone. It is only for those who are truly seeking to know who they are, why they are here, what they can do and where they are going. It is through this self discovery process that will reveal to you your true self and the gift that you have to serve your generation.

In order to maximize the program to the fullest, we strongly recommend that you take your time going through the courses. If you have not discovered your purpose in life and you are unsure of who you are, you might spend 6-12 months on just the first unit, and that’s okay! The point of this course is not to rush through it but to answer your most pressing questions in life and unlock the dreams that have been trapped inside of you, waiting to be manifested! Dr. Munroe said “You have the capacity to lead but you must have the mentality for it”.

Authentic Leadership Training eCourse

The greatest need in the 21st century is for authentic, visionary leadership. Our society’s flawed concept of leadership is the root of why we lack true leaders. People perpetrating as leaders have created a global crisis. Countries, communities, corporations, and families are being over managed and under led. A vacuum exists with this lack of effective and genuine leadership on all levels in society. Economic uncertainty, political unrest, religious conflicts and social injustice all have worsen over time. These issues are only some of the many leadership challenges faced today. Society desires the solutions to many of the problems it created itself; however, they are desperately trying to solve the problems with the same level of thinking that they used to create the dilemmas. 

Authentic Leadership Training

Character development in the marketplace

You will discover the fundamental elements of authentic leadership

How to recognize authentic leadership

The mentality necessary for leadership

The qualities and characteristics of leadership, and much more.

Leadership & Business Training

Rediscovering the Kingdom

Learn the fundamentals of the kingdom of God by Trista Sue

AFC Symposium In Your City

Bring one of a kind world class training to your city! Available for domestic and international travels

Life Coaching

This team of leaders have sat under the tutelage of Trista Sue Kragh, a protege of Dr. Myles Munroe.

Each has been trained in time tested principles and are certified life coaches. They are ready to assist those that desire interactive mentorship coinciding with both the School of Influence for Agents of Change and those who are not enrolled in the self discovery program. You may request an individual or we will match one for you.

Dr. Lisa Chung

Co-Founder of Kenley College, United Kingdom

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung is the President of Kenley College. She is a leadership strategy coach, consultant and published author of her book “Political Change“.

Xavier Hinojosa
DJ/Music Producer & Certified Life Coach, Naples, Florida, USA
Xavier Hinojosa is a DJ, Entertainer, and certified life coach with a passion for music and personal development. Holding a degree in music production from ICON Collective music school, Xavier has honed his skills as both a DJ/Producer and a mentor.