Ambition Vs. Authentic Vision

“I came alive when I documented my vision and started to live beyond my sight” – Trista Sue

It is from my personal experience that I believe one is not even remotely living life until they have started living by vision. I never felt so alive until I documented and started walking out the vision for my life at age 35. It’s simply exhilarating to experience God’s dynamic as one chooses to launch into their God-inspired vision for their life.

After I initiated the vision and plan for my life, it was then that I felt my life had truly begun. I started living my life, rather than life living me.  It all made sense now as I was in partnership with God actually doing something meaningful and worthwhile. I’ve come to the conclusion that until you begin living your vision you are just going for a very long and unfulfilling walk. Sure, you can accomplish some things, but if you really want to make a difference you must abandon yourself to your life assignment. Yes, God is always with you, but imagine God working with you. It’s exhilarating! There’s always something exciting happening!

It’s energizing to see someone of influence stepping into your path to assist with your vision. Vision is very attractive to others – people love to contribute and be around those that are going somewhere. When you begin to walk out your vision, you will witness God adding pieces to the puzzle as the process continues to evolve. You begin to see clearer and clearer than when you first began.

Vision is derived from the word ‘optica’, meaning, ‘coming into view’.  The funny thing about vision is that God only initially shows you the end result. You see the end picture, which should be so big it’s impossible for you to accomplish alone. It should be overwhelming. That’s the sign it is a true vision from God, and not a human concoction.

Vision affects not only you, but ultimately those you were appointed to impact. A true vision is bigger than you, and isn’t really about you at all. It’s all about what God wants done on the earth through you as an agent of change. He is looking for people that are willing and available to be influencers for him.  It has the potential of affecting hundreds and thousands of people, of whom you may never know on this side of life.

As Dr Myles Munroe taught in the mentorship program:

“Vision is never for the visionary. God will never give you a vision for you; it’s to improve other people. If you help others become successful you will always have what you need.”

This is why it is so important to accomplish what you were born to do. As an individual you are just one piece of the large puzzle that only God sees.  We only see in part a small portion in the big picture of what God has in mind.  However, God will never force anybody to do anything that they don’t want to do. He respects your free will. He is just looking for people who are abandoned to what is on his heart, and in this process you are completely and utterly fulfilled. It’s really the most beautiful collaboration imaginable. You’re fulfilling God’s will and at the same time He is fulfilling your needs. God will give you what you need – when needed – in order to fulfill what He has called you to do. However often times we are too busy praying or focused on our personal needs, rather than praying and taking action to change nations.

If you can change your priorities to pursue your purpose you can change not only your destiny but also the destiny of others.  It’s much bigger than you. Because Dr. Munroe pursued his purpose, it affected my entire family’s life, the destiny of my children and those I am mentoring as well as those that they are mentoring. Thankfully Dr. Munroe manifested himself, mentored others and died empty. The domino effect is still continuing, even after his transition.

The time is long overdue for us to stop wasting our lives by pursuing our own needs but rather pursue making a difference by leaving an impact in our generation.  We live in a culture that is extremely self-centered. Many are obsessed with selfies, their looks, their lifestyle and how the world perceives them. Experts now claim that the selfie generation is so self-obsessed that it has become a new form of addiction. However, God is looking for the polar opposite.  He is waiting for those that are selfless and desire to cooperate with His will in order to impact their generation by serving their gift to others.

True vision always focuses on helping humanity and building up others. It is not about oneself or personal ambition. You can tell if it’s true vision or personal ambition by asking yourself, “Who does this benefit?” If it only benefits you and your family, then that’s just personal ambition. That’s not a vision from God.

We must stop the madness of pursuing our own personal ambitions and get to work by initiating the vision that is trapped within.

The difference between personal ambition and an authentic vision is by who benefits from it.

So, what is your passion? Use your imagination. Write it down. It is trapped inside of you. Consult with your Creator. It is found in the mind of the manufacturer and by studying your natural gifting. He knows why He made you. Study your characteristics. Why are you the way you are?  It is very clear to me that God wanted me born to specific parents, in a specific year, in a specific town and attend a Christian school for a specific reason. There are reasons behind everything, and it has to do with your purpose. Trust me, He will use EVERYTHING to benefit your purpose, even tragedies. Many of you have gone through extremely tragic times. Watch what God can do with that. It will never be in vain, unless you allow it to be.

The School of Influence for Agents of Change is an e-course is available for anyone looking to pinpoint their purpose and document their life vision. Decide to live an intentional, fulfilling life by serve your gift to your generation.